Papers / Presentations
Previous EuroBSDCons

Keynote by Jordan Hubbard, Apple Computer Inc.

EBSD04_keynote.pdf   5.7 M

Antti Kantee: Using Application-Driven Checkpointing Logic for Hot Spare High Availability

EBSD04.pdf   84 K

Alistair Crooks, Valeriy Ushakov: NetBSD and Handheld Platforms

EBSD04.pdf   58 K

Alistair Crooks: A Portable Packaging System

EBSD04.pdf   33 K

Krister Walfridsson: Cross-building packages

EBSD04.pdf   98 K

Dirk Meyer Making life easy with FreeBSD filesystem snapshots

no paper available

Dru Lavigne: But I am not a developer...how can I contribute to open source?

EBSD04.pdf   22 K
EBSD04_slides.pdf   68 K

Emmanuel Dreyfus: MacOS X binary compatibility on NetBSD

EBSD04.pdf   99 K

Søren Jørvang: The flaf filesystem

no paper available

Adrian Penisoara: Integrating ALTQ QoS into FreeBSD

EBSD04.pdf   31 K

Dirk Meyer: Lightweight FreeBSD package cluster in a jail

EBSD04.pdf   58 K

Yannick Cadin: DHCP: Unexplored Capacities

EBSD04_slides.pdf   837 K

Henning Brauer: A secure BGP implementation

EBSD04_slides.pdf   2.4 M

Hubert Feyrer: vulab - SysAdmin Education in the Virtual Unix Lab

EBSD04_6.pdf   3.1 M

Jan Schaumann: NetBSD/Desktop: Scalable workstation solutions.

EBSD04.pdf   103 K
EBSD04_slides.pdf   250 K

Brooks Davis: The Challenges of Dynamic Network Interfaces

EBSD04.pdf   163 K

Ignatios Souvatzis: NetBSD Status Report

EBSD04.pdf   150 K

Ignatios Souvatzis: A machine-independent port of the SR language run time system to NetBSD

EBSD04_5.pdf   96 K

Alistair Crooks: The A-tree - a Simpler, More Efficient B-tree

EBSD04.pdf   116 K

Robert Watson: The TrustedBSD MAC Framework: Extensible Kernel Access Control for FreeBSD and Darwin

EBSD04_slides.pdf   264 K

Sold Christoph: Integrating Monitoring Data

EBSD04.pdf   59 K

Stucchi Massimiliano, Matteo Riondato: FreeSBIE - A code walkthrough and a case study

EBSD04.pdf   11.0 K

Joshua LeVasseur: Unmodified Device Driver Reusage via Virtual Machines

no paper available

Adrian Penisoara: Handling FreeBSDs latest firewall semantics and frameworks

EBSD04.pdf   97 K

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