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vulab - SysAdmin Education in the Virtual Unix Lab


Hubert Feyrer


A problem in teaching Unix system administration is the lack of
machines available on which students can practice with full system
administrator privileges. The Virtual Unix Laboratory is an
interactive course system for that purpose. After sign-up, machines
are installed on which students can do their assignments with full
"root"-access. At the end of the assignment, the system checks
if/which parts were done correctly, and gives a report. Access to the
lab is via the Internet via a web-browser as well as standard Unix
clients (ssh, telnet, ftp). The talk gives an overview of the design
and implementation of the system as well as well as an impression of
the key features from a user's and teacher's point of view.

See http://www.feyrer.de/vulab/ for more information.





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Authors Description 

Hubert Feyrer has studied Computer Science at the University of Applied
Sciences in Regensburg, Germany, and has specialized in operating systems
and system-level applications later on. Besides and during his sysadmin
job, he works for the NetBSD project, caring for 3rd party application and
infrastructure, public relations, manages IPv6 connectivity and a small
working group for IPv6 at the FH Regensburg, built a cluster of 45
machines for a video rendering cluster during past year's city marathon
and is currently working on a doctoral thesis about a training system for
Unix system administrator's training.

For more information, see his homepage at http://www.feyrer.de/

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