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Cross-building packages


Krister Walfridsson


The NetBSD pkgsrc is available for all of NetBSD's more than 50 ports (on 13 distinct processor architectures). Many of these machines are slow, so it is desirable to cross-build packages for them. Cross-building does also make it easier to provide a complete set of binary packages, since you could use a small number of fast build servers instead of needing to gather all different architectures.

The build process of most software packages are however not written with cross-building in mind. Most may probably be fixed with minor work, but even doing minor changes to the 5000 packages in the NetBSD pkgsrc is a daunting task.

This paper describes a novel method to automatically cross-build software, without any need of modifying the original source code.

The basic idea is to intercept the exec system call, and modify the commands in such a way that they do the corresponding operation for the target architecture. For example: execution of "cat" is done without any modification, and execution of "gcc" is changed to execute a cross-compiler. Some programs cannot be transformed (for example test programs compiled by the "configure" scripts). These are automatically being run in an emulator instead.

Experiences with running this cross-building framework on the NetBSD pkgsrc shows that the approach is efficient; only about one percent of the packages need significantly longer time to cross-build than building natively on the build machine, and only 3 packages need more than 24 hours to cross-build on a modern PC. This technique does thus drastically reduce the number of packages that need to be modified in order to be cross-buildable.





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